What They Want

by The Landed Gentry

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Getting It 04:17
I should’ve seen it coming I should have known It’s no surprise with seeds like that to see what’s grown You gave up hope and settled just for change If you can't turn the clock back At least you’ll cast the blame Not entirely sure what exactly you're furious at But there's one thing that you know It’s who gets the payback Everything I thought was true and worse...and worse Forget the ambulance We need a hearse Now you’re shocked (shocked!) at what’s happened A bomb can be so imprecise But at least it's those people who mostly pay the price You can’t see consequences if you avert your eyes Like hell it’s your fault Like hell you'll apologize ... The people know what they want and they deserve to get it good and hard.
You’ve seen both sides and they’re the same It’s easy when you’ve got no skin in the game And you never win so you’re never to blame You know what’s best for everyone If we’d just listened to you we would have won At this point I’d rather stare at the sun Can’t find anyone to meet your simple, impossible standards Never found it yet So you've got no choice but to burn it to ash You swear there’s a perfect answer And you swear that I always wreck it And you swear I’m on the other side If you can’t have it, then why should I? You’re sleeping fine Your conscience is clean Because what you do and what you say is less important than what you mean If it gets so bad that it all falls down that we don’t know where to turn Then maybe at long last we’ll finally give up and give you the crown ... I think we both know that we won’t all make it But you don’t seem to be that concerned For someone that hands it out you can’t take it Not nearly as well as the people you’re willing to leave behind ... I see you now So fare thee well Don’t let the door hit you as you please go to hell
Moving On 05:58
I thought we’d be different Had stars in my eyes Thought we’d meet in the middle Imagine my surprise I tried and I tried but you laid all the blame on me And now I understand We may never agree So I'm moving on ‘Cause you'll never stop seeing red We can't get along So I'll just get going instead We both knew it wasn’t perfect but I would've been okay with okay But when they came along I knew something was gonna give way I tried and I tried but you laid all the blame on me And now I think it's clear That we’ll never agree ... I held out hope for so long I did my part It seems like a thousand years ago, I thought we might get a fresh start But when I watched you then turn on me Oh, it just broke my heart At long last I'm gonna spill it What I’ve always wanted to say If that leaves a space I'm gonna fill it It’s better that way I tried and I tried but you still laid the blame on me And now I've finally realized It's not worth it to disagree
Little Boys 04:00
Little boys think it's their birthright Little boys think they deserve more than they got Little boys always so demanding They’re the only ones that the world owes anything But little boys have had their shot We’ve heard it all before You can go your own way As long as it's towards the door Little boys want you to know that they're big and bad Little boys need you to think that they're tough Little boys, what are you compensating for? When you're not that smart And you got no talent Gotta find a way to make people think you measure up ... (They) don't realize yet but their time is up Now get every one of them up against the wall and make it rough Little boys whining that things used to be better Little boys moaning about their plight Little boys stinking of desperation So much dress-up, posing and punching down We’re on to you, little boys We've got you dead to rights
Consequences 04:04
You don't care who knows it You’d probably agree that you’ve shown it What always was underneath but hidden from sight Now it’s out in the light You don't care to look closely It might cause you some regret, but mostly You don't want to give an inch to those that you despise You’re in for a surprise It looks like the consequences are gonna fall on you It may not work out like you want it to You said that you’d never get tired of it But you’ll see how tired you can get You don’t care if the one who you gave it up for ever comes through With all you've invested seeing it in the other side You couldn’t stop now if you tried ... it's coming soon enough
I thought the worst was over I thought we'd won the war Stormed the castle Kicked down the door Everything was different Everything was open now You’d have to help We’d show you how Staring down the barrel Just no way to win You'd seen right through it The trap that you were in Suddenly it hit you A bolt out of the blue The worse it looked for everyone the better it'd look for you We can’t agree on anything You told them and told them We can’t agree on anything You told them and told them What they want to hear I asked you what you wanted You clenched your fists to fight And in the end it turned out you’d been right Maneuvering between the pillars Putting on a show Again I asked you what you wanted You said for me to go
Be Glad 03:56
I recently saw you walking the streets in a shirt I think used to be mine I want you to know that I’m wasting away Well, not *wasting* I’m eating just fine CHORUS I wish you could see me on a rainy day Wet and bedraggled and sad If I know my misery’s reciprocated Then I can finally be glad I hear from our friends that you’re better off And they’ve told me that I should move on Well, not so much told me as yelled through their doors But I still won’t admit that you’ve gone Maybe I had more than I deserve But for you to move on seems obviously absurd ... I should be glad For what I once had But I can’t get over it I recently saw you walking the streets in a shirt that I’m certain was mine
Hurrah 02:46
They just don't understand how bad it is I’ll tell it to you Believe me, I know just how sad it is I’ll sell it to you They're saying it was worse before he came they're always wrong But if you want someone to blame you're playing my song Hang on to your fear but push aside your doubts Believe me, I'm the only one who knows the way out It doesn't make a difference why what matters is, you're mad So if you’ve finally given up take my hand They’re not like you, we’ve got to send them back to where they’re from It’s mostly a criminal element filth and scum Have you started feeling dread yet? Is your stomach queasy? Feeling like it's all nearly dead yet? Well, that was easy CHORUS You can't believe what they say about me In my wake I've left the bodies of those who would doubt me For years they've tried to mock and ignore you Stick with me and I’ll make them kneel before you We’re finally gonna pay the sons of bitches back I'll point out who’s the enemy And then we’ll attack
Worry 04:25
You should know I’d take you anywhere I'm just sorry that we have to live through interesting times Now that there’s a fresh hell every day Given what I’d clung to I’m not sure if I can hold the line Shouting until I’m hoarse until my face is blue Said I wasn’t worried didn’t say it wasn’t true Scratch until I bleed up and down both arms I never meant to worry you You know I didn’t mean to fall apart More and more I find I can’t breathe The sword's been moved and now it's hanging over everyone Lost what I'd hung onto to keep from falling over Any day now it could just be done ... I’ve got no idea now what to do Swam out in the current looking for you Reaching for a line in enough time to pull us through Fading fast It still seems like a dream It’s not getting better and I keep on not waking up Without what I used to believe Leaning on each other is the only way we’ll make it
The Curtain 02:55
Said you’d draw a line in the sand Steel yourself and take a stand ‘cause it’s one thing to look away every now and then But what if it’s never safe to look back again? We all keep something hid But you don’t seem to care like you said you did Now one thing is for certain At last we’ve seen behind the curtain ‘cause it’s one thing to testify and Scream and shout But now you’ve shown What you’re really about Once we pushed past the sound and fury When that light flicked on we watched the roaches scurry Don’t ever talk to me about it again Don’t bother to tell me what you think You dropped your supposed convictions like they were on fire In the space of a blink


So what’s the deal with the Landed Gentry, anyway? Why would two Gen-X guys just up and record an album out of the blue one day?

The answer is pretty simple: “What They Want” is a direct response to the election of Donald Trump.

In November 2016, people on the left were looking for ways to cope with not just the election results, but what was being demonstrated about our country and its people. For us, that coping mechanism became writing music. But since traditional protest songs aren’t really our style, we decided to take a different approach: lyrics that were (for the most part) intended to look fairly innocuous on the surface, while having a subtext firmly rooted in resistance politics.

We understand that this can all get kind of obscure. So, over time we’ll be adding notes to each of the songs to provide a bit of background and context for the lyrics. Some of it may be eyeroll-inducing, but that's okay. Hopefully you’ll take a look and find that something that speaks to you.


released June 5, 2018

The Landed Gentry is:

Scott Gendel - keyboards, background vocals, melodica, percussion, and programming.

ScottGS - guitar, lead & background vocals, bass, percussion, and programming.


all rights reserved



The Landed Gentry Madison, Wisconsin

Our first album, "What They Want," is protest music for the Trump era. We cover a lot of ground genre-wise, but the songs are tied together by a melodic pop sensibility and a 90s rock influence.

"What They Want" was written, recorded, and self-produced in a basement near Madison between Nov 2016 and Jun 2018.
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